I recently bought a set of the apple airpods. They are arguably the best value best sound (to me) around. However!
Like previous Apple ear, or air pods, plugs they do not stay in my ear. So I got a set of the ‘socks”? they slip over the plug are made of a silicone and assit the keeping of the plug in the ear. However still not really secure so I bought a set of the ear loops that go around the ear and fasten onto the stem of the airpods. Great! they work nice fit stay in ear However!
When you want to charge the airpods you have to remove the hoops and the socks to fit the pods in the charger
Anyone know or worked out an alternative to the charging?
Or should I accept defaeat that the Airpods are not for me!

IMG 20180728 162230
IMG 20180728 162230

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